Monday, February 14, 2011

Swimming in volcanic mud

Quick post. Skies were cloudy and wet but we decided to take a tour. Along for the ride were our friends from s/v Oumâ and s/v Kamaloha. The first driver with whom we made arrangements couldn't stick to a firm price so we went with another guy. That worked out well. On the drive south we stopped to buy some amazing fresh bread and play with a boa constrictor. The island has made a lot of effort to clean up after Hurricane Tomas but we drove through several washouts and mud slides that made it very clear how devastating the rains were and how thoroughly cut off good portions of the South island were.

Mud BathPlaying with a Boa

Our first destination was to the active volcano where we walked around the steaming sulphur pools then went for a dip in some of the cooler pools lower down. The kids got to rub volcanic mud all over themselves ... we adults couldn't let them have all the fun so we all joined in too! Next stop, after a good rinse, was to the thermal water falls. Very nice! Sitting under the spray getting your tired muscles pounded on by warm to hot water from 100 feet up. We finished up by catching the end of happy hour at the marina pool.

Happy Hour

You can view the complete photo set here:

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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  1. Hmmm, playing in the mud sounds like a whole pile of fun . .. wish I were there too. . . . I'm sure Uncle Brett would have loved all that goo too!