Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Developing Conversation Skills

Aaron and I met a very nice woman named Lise, at the marina showers yesterday. While we were at the sink together, Lise engaged Aaron in a brief conversation, in English (Lise is French). Firstly, Aaron asked Lise, "What's your name?" Lise responded, then followed up with asking Aaron for his name, his age, where he lives ("on a boat"), and what is the name of his boat. With a "Singing" prompt from mom, Aaron proudly answered, "Singing Frog!" Lise remarked, "Oh, that's you! You're on Singing Frog."

Until recently, Aaron's response to every question directed at him, has been, "I'm Aaron." What's your name? "I'm Aaron." "How old are you?" "I'm Aaron." ...

Well, similarly to the way I've noticed he is putting it all together to figure out verb tenses (he corrected himself a couple weeks ago, to say, "I saw it," instead of "I see it."), he seems to be paying attention to the pleasantries of conversation with people we are meeting for the first time.

So this is how the conversation went at the poolside bar yesterday evening. Austin, Aaron and I were seated at the bar and Aaron began the conversation:

A3: "Austin, what's your name?"

A1 (looking a bit perplexed): "My name's Austin."

A3 (questioningly): "No. What's your name ... Three?"

C (aha!): "Oh, THAT question is (whispered into Aaron's ear) 'How old are you?'"

A3 (to Austin): "Are hold who you?" then, he immediately seemed embarrassed.

C (whispering in A3's ear, and more slowly this time): "How old are you?"

A3 (looking down with a scowl on his face): "I can't say that."

A1 (smiling): "I'm 11."

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  1. How Old Are You ?

    All those vowel sounds (initial sounds) are HARD TO SAY. Bravo, Aaron!