Friday, February 18, 2011

Good-Bye St. Lucia

Good-Bye St. Lucia. You've been a very generous host. We've enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and would definitely want to spend more time here again some day. Some of our highlights have been:
St. Lucia from Pigeon I to the Pitons
  • Getting to tour around the sulphur springs and hanging out close to volcanic activity
  • Swimming in volcanic mud
  • Touring around the old fort and lookouts on Pigeon Island
  • The clear, clear water at the snorkelling spots we stopped at
  • We met so many cool people here, Rodney Bay really is starting to become a mid-season cruiser's mecca
  • Having a pool-side bar right *at* the dinghy dock making happy-hours with our new friends and all the kids a no-brainer  (where happy-hour is less than $1 CDN for a bottle of beer and $3 CDN for cocktails ... yum!)
  • Another fantastic full moon in a pretty anchorage
  • Shopping was easy and affordable (can almost dinghy right to the shopping mall)
  • Getting to go along for a day-sail on a classic yacht
  • Taking a break at a large marina where we got to meet lots of people and have showers several times a day

But now it's time to move on. We tried to leave today but too many things came up and had to be dealt with to get away at a reasonable hour but now everything is done. All our bits and pieces are put away. Our tanks are full and we are cleared out of the country. All that's left is to weigh anchor and set sail. The weather is still looking OK for the crossing to Martinique so we'll be up with first light and will slip out of here before even the Rastas are up. And as a final farewell, St. Lucia gave us a clear sky and a spectacular sunset this evening (green flash and all).

Au revoir St. Lucia, bonjour Martinique.

Sunset in Rodney Bay


  1. Absolutely loved your photos - they are remarkable and they have set up such a longing in me to once again set foot on the s/v Singing Frog.
    Have a great sail to Martinique!

  2. Well, Joanie DIDN'T SAY THE COMMENT ABOVE. As you know, she's never been on the Singing Frog but looking at your most recent photos of St Lucia have her thinking that she might just push her dislike of flying aside and consider a trip to that lovely island.

    Loving your blog and all of you, of course!!