Thursday, February 24, 2011

Internet-challenged in Martinique

Just a short post as I stumble through a French keyboard in a comfortably air-conditioned cyber base in beautiful Diamant.

We have rented a minivan for today and tomorrow and plan to see La Pagerie, the birth place of Empress Josephine, and play on the zip lines at Mangofil.

We took a few wrong turns after we missed the exit to D7 at Riviere-Salee. A3 felt car sick, and we were forced to pull over near a beautiful beach and playground, with an internet base and info centre. So, we are all comfortable now and preparing to enjoy the rest of our day.

Internet is difficult to find, unreliable, slow, and often unavailable even in the places that advertise they offer it. So, we will be a bit incognito until the next stop that has reliable internet.

Bonne journee!

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  1. OK. Glad to hear from you. It took a while but we finally figured out you had an internet access problem. Let us know, best as you can, how it goes. Grandpa.