Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Months

We've been busy and have spent a lot of time out where there isn't much internet so the blog's been rather neglected. However, now I'm sitting here trying to watch the Canada vs Russia World Jr. gold medal game (what a disaster!) but the streaming's not so good, so I figured it was a good time to recap our second month.

Time does not pass normally in this part of the world. Someone should study this. The first month felt like three but the second month has passed in a whirlwind of activity that's felt like only a couple weeks. Just over a month ago we were bombing around the exclusive island of Mustique on motorized mules counting down the days until my mother arrived for her month long stay with us. Now four weeks later and we've passed through two countries, crisscrossed the Grenadines twice, met some cruising families, witnessed the lunar eclipse (on 12/21 no less), vacationed with my brother and girlfriend, climbed a volcano, ate lobster on a beach on Christmas day in the amazing Tobago Cays, snorkelled with sharks and rays, ran out of water but then were helped by a friendly cruiser in Carriacou, got our behinds kicked by Kick-'em Jenny, sampled amazing rum at a 200 year old distillery and chocolate on the Spice Island and swam and swam and swam.

Phew! No wonder it's felt like a whirlwind.

Now we're settling in for a bit of a pause in Grenada. We'll be saying good-bys to our guests over the next few days then will take advantage of the many great marine services here to take care of some larger boat projects that can't be put off much longer. So far we've really enjoyed what we've experienced in Grenada. We feel a little less out of place and not hustled quite as much which makes getting around and exploring a little more pleasant. And finally we have some fishing gear. Now we're looking forward to more fresh fish (Austin has already caught one though we didn't keep it).

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  1. You sound settled in and at peace. Nice. What a joy to have had the opportunity to share the last month with more family. The best... dad