Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting ready for Nana & Kermit's arrival

We're all so excited that Nana (and her good friend, Kermit the Frog) are coming to join us aboard Singing Frog. Apparently, Kermit insisted on coming along after he heard the name of our boat. And he's been practicing singing in the shower for the past month or so, in preparation.

Today, we've been getting Nana's cabin (formerly Aidan's cabin) ready. It didn't take any prodding for Aidan to jump right in, clean up and clear out his cabin. As I was doing laundry, I stumbled over a big cushion in the galley, and blamed Skye for putting it there (he had just been inspecting the engine from Aidan's berth). Oops. It was Aidan. He was doing a thorough clean.

He pulled apart the bedding and removed the cushions. Once he had salvaged every little piece of Lego, he swept, then asked me for a damp sponge. He sponged the berth, including the walls. He packed up all his Lego into a spare pillow case and transferred it to Austin's cabin (Aidan's new sleeping quarters for the upcoming month). He wiped down all surfaces. He emptied his clothes out of his locker and transferred these to Austin's locker. He brought all his accumulated (why didn't I know about these when we got laundry done by Daffodil a couple days ago?) laundry to me, in the galley.

He wiped down the fan that had grown dusty over time. Those fans are not easy to clean. I can't see how to disassemble them. Anyway, I was impressed by Aidan's diligence and persistence to get the fan clean for Nana.

Breaking news ... update ... just took a call from our driver, Kishorn. He's called the airport to check on the flight and learned that Nana's flight was cancelled (Boo!). The next flight is due to arrive at 6:10pm. Let's hope she makes that one. Poor Nana. But I can think of worse places to be stranded than Barbados in December. Hanging out by the fountain in the airport is really nice - you can listen to the birds sing.


  1. Welcome to the Caribbean ... LIAT = Leave Island Any Time or Luggage In Any Terminal. I hope Katie does get in today, because tomorrow is election day and the roads will be mayhem.

  2. Mum just called. They just let her know that she'll be on the 6 o'clock plane for sure. At least that's what they are saying right now.

  3. She made it!! Dry and probably travel-weary. She took her anti-nauseant half an hour ago, so should get a good night's rest. Woohoo! Let the fun begin :)

  4. Good Morning, St. Vincent !!!! oxoxoxox to all JEM