Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Land of the lotus-eaters

As a treat for getting ready for the birthday week (4 birthdays in 6 days) we decided to treat ourselves to a couple nights in a very nice marina (though fairly inexpensive). We pulled in late yesterday afternoon and began exploring the docks getting to know our surroundings and our dock mates. Aidan (8yo for 11 more days) surprised us on a couple occasions. First, he befriended a couple other boats all on his own. Then, after that but before we went to the restaurant/bar that has a pool for the kids, he announced that, yes, he liked it here very much. This in itself was surprising as he's usually against whatever is going on at the moment but it didn't stop there. He then shared that he was also cautiously wondering if this was the lair of the lotus-eaters and all a big trick to get him to fall in love with the place and not want to go home!!!

Where does an 8yo come up with that?! Sure, he knows of the lotus-eaters through the Percy Jackson books and movie but to have understood the concept and then applied it to his own setting? He's only just turning 9 and I'm already having a hard time keeping up with him. I think our kids are starting to settle into this lifestyle though they are not quite willing to admit it yet.

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  1. Skye and Carla, when you wonder about how your boys come up with the ideas and thoughts that they do, in the most amazing and fascinating ways.... take a deep breath.... and look in the mirror. :) luv Grandpa