Friday, January 14, 2011

Liming in Grenada

This sure is a nice spot to spend some time. The people are great, the Island is very pretty and the weather, while rainy the past couple days, is very pleasant. We're starting to make connections with the local cruiser community and are finding it very easy to get shopping done. The IGA here is almost just like an IGA back home so lots of familiar stuff to be found + local fare to keep things interesting.

Carla's taken up Yoga on the beach two mornings a week. A fellow cruiser has some recordings of Bikram's yoga sessions on her iPod that she brings along to guide the group. One of the best things is that somehow, magically, our boat is all cleaned when Carla gets back :)

We're going to check out some kind of drumming concert at the museum in St. Georges this evening. There's a bus picking up cruisers at various anchorages, and we all benefit from a group rate. This will be our first group outing with other cruisers.

We have Iain's flights booked now. He'll be meeting up with us in St. Maarten on the 22nd of March. That's only 67 days away and we have a lot of ocean to cross before then! As much as we're enjoying Grenada we'll have to get going soon.

Next we have to take care of some engine maintenance, boat repairs and wait for good weather. We had a piece of rigging (part of the main traveler control block) break on the way down here but it looks like it won't take much to repair. A rigger from Turbulence came by to look at it and figures he can repair it by early next week. Once this is done and I change the oil, filters and belts we should be about ready to head north again. The weather forecasts next week show strong trades out of the NE to E which is not good for us. We need to wait for them to settle down for a couple days (under 15 knots ideally) to let the seas subside (10 - 12 feet right now) and stay as much to the E as possible (a bit of S would make it even better). This means we have about a week or so to check out more of the island. Maybe a trip to the 7 sisters falls?


  1. Hi Guys,
    Glad to hear you are out here! We're on our way towards you! Pam, Jen and little Jack told us about your blogsite. We'll follow along and maybe we can meet someday:)

  2. How was the concert? Did you get to share some reading with the local kids this past weekend?? I feel like I need, but won't demand, a daily report on what you are all up to.
    Miss you LOTS!

  3. @Katie the concert was a blast. The room was small, maybe 40' x40' so it was loud and personal. Not only drums but there was dancing and spoken word (not that we could understand much of it). Very nice. Carla and the boys went to the reading thing. More on that later. If you want the more current stuff then follow the twitter posts.

    @svjaru We'll be in St. Maarten by the middle of March. If not there then maybe we'll all be in the same area before or after that? Keep in touch and fair winds!