Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let's Meditate

We are all getting pretty tired of being at anchor in one place. Weather and tides have kept us in Marsh Harbour longer than we had originally planned.

We discussed potential boredom busters and I recommended meditation ... for all of us!
Austin shrugged, but Aaron moved into lotus position, eager to meditate right then and there.

A few minutes later, Aaron moved up to the deck and invited me to meditate with him. We settled in, just forward of the dodger, seated comfortably on cushions. We closed our eyes and
Aaron guided the meditation.

"Close your eyes, Mum. And listen.
Listen to the calm water. The ripples.
The cool breeze.
The night sky. The stars.

Austin blurted out some loud and silly noises in the galley, as he tends to do on his dishes night. Aaron didn't miss a beat and just reminded me ...

"Focus your attention on meditating.
Nothing else matters."

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