Monday, June 20, 2011

Position Update Day 5

Date/Time: 2011-06-20 0700
Lat/Long: 23 04.285N/71 11.107W
Distance (24hrs): 103nm
Distance (total): 473nm

Our wind is slowly fading as we move farther north and get closer to the high pressure ridge that is dominating the area N and E of the Bahamas. We ended up motoring for about 7 hours yesterday and still only just made our 100nm minimum goal for the day (120nm is our target). The motion of the boat has become uncomfortable with slightly confused seas and not enough wind to keep our sails full. We're back to motor sailing again this morning and may need to keep this up for most of the day. At least we can set a more direct course now and have to worry less about where the wind is coming from.

The days are starting to blend together. I had to look back over our log to see how many days we had been out. The weather has been so constant and the ocean looks the same each morning and all day that if it weren't for our GPS position updates it would feel like we're not moving at all. Everyone is reading lots to pass the time. I'm now reading the Hobbit to the boys and they seem to be enjoying that.

I managed to get our fishing line tangled around our ruder while trying to clear it of sea weed last night. The lure was on it's last legs after having been attacked by diving birds earlier so I didn't feel to bad about cutting it away. And I didn't really want to have to go for a mid-ocean swim if I didn't really have to.


  1. Sail on, ye mighty sailors!
    Just read that a few of the actors for the first Hobbit movie (directed by Peter Jackson) have been announced. 1st movie should be out in time for Xmas season ;-))

  2. Just finished reading Treasure Island yesterday . . . . and it's quite the action-filled page turner, I must say. Bloody and suspenseful and thought provoking (and lots of pirate talk) as young Jim Hawkins has to make numerous "grown-up" decisions. Now I want to read Kidnapped, also by RLS. I think your boys would love these classics :-)