Friday, June 10, 2011


The sun has returned and holy hot seven sweating sisters it's sweltering today. Even the locals are finding every scrap of shade and any store with air conditioning has a lot more customers (though sales aren't up that much). We've tried to cool off by rigging the sun awnings and it helps but we're still dripping. I can't imagine what summer in Grenada or Trinidad would be like.

Tomorrow we return to Caneel Bay on St. John to see another cruising family that we've only "met" via blogger then after that move on to see some of the BVIs for a couple days. There isn't much wind and we only have enough fuel for about 1/2 the trip to the Bahamas so we're waiting until a little later in the week when the trade winds return before departing. Now that we're all provisioned and equipped I can't wait to set off.


  1. I hate you all (ok, that's harsh, lemme rephrase: I am HORRIBLY jealous of y'all) :) What are you doing with your boat when you come home, and how's the internet access down there? (no reason, just curious, just asking, no purpose to my question...)

  2. Is that Jaru you are meeting in St John? Just saw on their blog that is where they are heading too.

  3. @kangarara internet is pretty good most places and horrible in others. No firm plans for the boat yet other that to store it in FL until we get back to it or until someone else wants to take her for an adventure (will put her on the market just in case).

    @Jen Yes! We've been having a great time playing with the Jarus for the past couple days. It's been great. Tomorrow we go our separate ways but may meet up back in Canada if the stars align. We discovered that we have all kinds of weird "small world" connections with them.