Sunday, June 19, 2011

Position Update Day 4

Date/Time: 2011-06-19 0720
Lat/Long: 22 10.588N/69 37.820W
Distance (24hrs): 121nm
Distance (total): 370nm

We passed what I estimate to be the 1/2 way point a couple hours ago. We'll have some banana loaf and drinks to celebrate once everyone is awake. The skies are still mostly clear though there was more moisture in the air at sunrise adding to the color. There are occasional squalls around us and a couple hit us last night but there was little energy in them, just rain. The wind has been low for the past few hours but is picking up a little again. We seem to be on the edge of two major weather patterns, the Caribbean trades to the south and the mid latitude westerlies to the north. Lucky for us the trades still dominate at this latitude even if only just. Seas are still rather flat, even the occasional swell rarely exceeds 4 feet. We seem to have sailed out of the main current stream as there is very little weed and garbage in the water now (it was constant yesterday).

We have at least another day on this NW heading before we need to make a serious effort to head W. The forecasts for that time put the wind well into the south which will be a great help. Uneventful and as forecast is how I'd describe this passage so far. And that's a good thing.


  1. So good to hear from you on this your 18th Father's Day . . . may the winds stay at your back and deliver you safely to your next port of call (where, exactly are you heading for??).
    Love you all :-))

  2. Ack! I completely forgot about Father's Day, despite thinking about it several times before departing. Skye says he had his best Father's Day, anyway, because he was sailing!! Only one thing would have perfected it - he was missing his oldest.