Thursday, December 9, 2010

Short tacking just me and the boys

We had a great sail from Mustique back to Bequia today.  Most of it was downwind but right at the end we needed to turn back into the wind for the final leg into Port Elizabeth. By this time Carla was below putting Aaron down for his nap so it was up to me and the two older boys to bring her in.

The arrangement that worked the best was Austin on the helm (he's a natural and is so confident in control of the boat) with Aidan and I on the sheets (Aidan releasing, me grinding and trimming). We pulled off 6 or 7 near perfect short tacks in 20 knots of wind with a couple reefs in both the jib and main all in 6 foot swells. The boys performed fantastically. What a ride team, what a ride!


  1. Avast me maties, avast! You've got quite the crew there, Capt.Cove!

  2. Way to go! Way to go!! What a performance. Love it....