Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where are the boat kids?

We're a minority of minorities as far as cruisers go. Most are older than us. A few are our age or younger but usually don't have kids yet (or don't plan to). Few cruisers have young kids along with them. We're realistic and not expecting to see many and are not exactly surprised that we've seen very few kid boats (all French so far - but then most cruisers around here seem to be from France right now). Heck, we've only been out here a month after all, but it would be nice. We're missing good parent to parent socializing and the kids are sure missing good kid to kid socializing.  The only kid boat we did meet and get a chance to visit with was on a very different itinerary than ours and they are now several large islands farther north.

So, if there are any families out there, sailing the Windward Islands between now and Christmas or the Leeward Islands after Christmas, give us a shout.

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