Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Passion for fruit

Here's a quick note to say that we spent this afternoon exploring the town. It was very hot today so we were very thirsty by the time we found most things we went looking for. Just as we were about to start walking back to the dinghy we found the produce market. A bouncy rastaman befriended us as soon as we arrived. We didn't get more than 10 feet in the door the whole time. He ran around to all the stalls fetching stuff for us, showing us what was ripe and what wasn't, provided cooking tips and best of all, splitting open a couple passionfruit. Wow. Now I like the juice that we get back home but the fruit is amazing. It looks a little odd when you open it up (seeds and "jelly") but tastes amazing if you're into sour fruits. It's like blending passionfruit juice with  a lot of limes. That sure helped us deal with our thirst :)

We also got plantains, bananas, fig bananas, mangoes, locally grown mandarin oranges, water mellon, carrots and fresh cucumbers. This is the fresh fruit shopping that I've been looking forward to. I've had enough of those dark, dusty, cramped grocery stores that seem to have everything ... from about 2 years ago.

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