Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sail to Canouan

Good sail, learned a bunch and had fun. We left Bequia around 11:30 and had the anchor down by 5 in Canouan. We started out with a light breeze out of the ESE. This made for a comfortable, yet slow beam reach. It turns out there was probably a fairly strong current running partly against us so that made it feel even slower. At best we were doing only 4 knots over ground.

Around 2:30 some black clouds started to form over the islands to the South of us. Carla and the boys were sleeping below so I took advantage of the auto-pilot to reef the sails myself. This boat is well balanced and pretty much sails herself at the best of times but even more so with a reef or two put in. I could walk away from the wheel to tend some lines without needing the auto-pilot. Very nice. The only trouble was that the wind veered a bit so we couldn't keep our course so had to motor sail the final couple miles in.

All in all a nice sail with a couple tense moments thrown in for excitement. We even got to try out our new harnesses and tethers

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