Friday, May 20, 2011

Stuck in St. Martin

Now that Carla and Aaron are back (yeah!) we should be making tracks ASAP. Except we have a problem. I discovered a crack in one of our new shrouds the other day that needs looking into. This is a bit of a big deal as this is what keeps our mast up. Yup, big, big problem if this comes down. What's especially strange is that the rigging was replaced only 6 months ago. It should last around 10 years. A rigger is coming by tomorrow morning to make an assessment and advise on ways we can fix it.

This crack is hard to see in this picture but is the best I could get. To see it you need to look down to the end of the terminal to where the eye wraps around the pin. The crack radiates out from the pin on the face of the eye at about 12:30 or about 15-20 degrees.

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  1. Guess you're anxious to get going . . . . at least you know the way now!
    We'll keep an eye out for you on SPOT!