Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost in Paradise

I've been back in St. Martin for a few days now, and Skye recounted this funny story, which I think is well worth sharing. Here's an excerpt from a VHF radio interchange between a cruising couple (L)ost and a locally anchored vessel (O)perator:

Lost female voice...
L: "Hello?"
L:"Hello? We called you yesterday. Is our slip ready?"
O: "What party are you calling?"
L: "You."
O: "I don't think so. Are you trying to reach a marina?"
L: "Yes. We called you yesterday to reserve a slip."
O: "Well, you didn't call me. You're on a VHF radio, broadcasting to all radios monitoring channel 14 in this area. Normally, when you use a radio, you first announce the party you are calling, then you state the name of your vessel and once you've connected, you switch to another channel."
L: "I don't understand."
O: "Where are you?"
L: "We're right out front."
O: "Can you describe where you are?"
Lost switches to a male voice...
L: "We're by the fuel dock." (there are about a dozen fuel docks within radio range)
O: "Which fuel dock is it?"
L: "I don't know. The sign just says, 'Fuel Dock.'"
O: "Ok. I'm going to help you. You're probably looking for a marina in the area. Do you know the name of the marina?"
L: "No."
O: "Let's figure out where you are now. Where have you come from?"
L: "Guadeloupe." (by this time, many listeners must be astonished that these folks got this far!)

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  1. Ha! Let's home these are 'weekend' sailors and that the 'weekend' is almost over! Yikes!
    Have fun bottom scraping!!