Monday, July 4, 2011

Hunting in Florida for an Endangered Species

We've just spent the past two days hunting through the Florida Everglades (and turnpikes and back lots and front lots and curb sides) for that elusive class C motor home that is in good condition, low miles and less than $10,000. This is indeed a very rare beast and nearly extinct in these parts due to over hunting and very high demand. Driving around we also saw lots of strange (to us Northerners) road kill. There was something that looked like a flattened snake (a big one) and we saw more than a few armadillos legs pointed skyward.

None of the dealers have anything that works for us, so the next step is to start calling the 30 or so matching craigslist ads for private sales. And we're considering doing the trip by tenting it (with a few motel stops I'm sure) in a mini-van or something cheaper/more available. But that's all going to have to wait until after the 4th of July celebrations!

After a bit of a cleanup, we're going to head out and join the crowds in Stuart and share in the fun. Forecast is calling for 20% chance of rain or thunder showers but the radar is clear for now, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for the big fireworks show tonight.

Need to run. Aidan just rescued a wayward fish from the head.

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  1. Fish in the head??? How'd that ever happen? Nothing like having your lunch come to you ---- especially if you're locavores!