Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sad end to an Adventure

A crazy thing happened the other day. A boat came up behind ours and started to anchor. Everything looked OK so we got back to doing what we were doing. A few minutes later a dinghy drove up to our boat with an animated gentleman trying to tell us in French then broken English that he thinks that the guy on the boat behind us that just anchored has collapsed and died! Can you say that again? Yes, Dead. Mort. My dad zips over in our dinghy to help reset the anchor (the boat was dragging) and sure enough, out on the foredeck, hunched over the anchor windlass was the body of a recently deceased man.

The Coast Guard were called in and the body was hauled away. Two days later, they came to take the boat away. A large rescue boat towed the 49-foot Hunter sailboat into a marina.

Sad, but strange. Then yesterday it got even stranger. It turns out that the guy who just died was the victim of a brutal attack and robbery here in St. Martin just this past summer.

The original attack:

The recent death:


  1. This guy finally lost his seventh life. What a story!

  2. How are the kids handling this? I can see them both muddling over life and death and the whole unexpectedness of it all. Or maybe it hasn't entered their consciousness?
    Reading this guy's bio makes you realize he really took life by the horns!